如果你注意到在过去的几年里,博客上的文章有点轻描淡写,这是因为我一直把我所有的摇摆舞写作能力都放在这个上面:练习摇摆舞:摇摆舞*选择你自己的冒险指南来提高你的舞蹈水平亚博全站.It's 450 pages long.More than a hundred chapters.And it's available now.




Also here's a little FAQ for those wanting to know more.

When it comes to vintage swing dances,没有一条通向伟大的道路。(甚至是更好的)每一个伟大的林迪跳,巴尔秋千,Shag,世界上的独奏爵士乐舞者已经走上了自己的道路。这就是为什么Practice Swing是一本选择你自己的冒险练习书。

With more than a hundred chapters of advice to choose from,the book covers productive practice mentality,skill-honing,自我辅导,improvisation and competition skills,and what makes great vintage swing dancers great.它还涉及如何单独练习,和搭档一起,at a social dance,或者在一组中。You can read the chapters in any order and focus on those that speak the most to you right now.

Why is this book $32?
对于每一个对一本关于改进古典摇摆舞的书感兴趣的人来说,there are hundreds,甚至几千even tens of thousands,有兴趣提高网球水平的人,烹饪,or making friends and influencing people.If that many people were interested in getting better at vintage swing dancing,the cost of producing each printed book would be lower.

If you're still feeling hesitant about paying $32 for a book,perhaps consider the fact that it's 450 pages long and has more than 100 chapters of information on getting better at swing dancing.Most international-level instructors charge around three times that much for a one-hour private lesson,and trust me,在一个小时的私人课程中,你甚至不能开始触及书中所有内容的表面。

你要去做吗Practice Swingavailable as an ebook?
不在不久的将来。原来,Practice Swingonly将作为电子书提供,based on the idea that surely this would be cheaper than printing actual books.However,the world of ebook publishing is actually quite convoluted when it comes to royalties,and e-publishers like Amazon Kindle are not designed for niche books.Perhaps in a few years it may be a more viable option.

把这本书扔掉,随身携带一本印刷本,这本书很容易借给朋友。or to get for your practice groups to have on hand at practice for inspiration.

Yes.但是,as transporting books around the world can be tough on the lumbar spine,I can carry only a limited supply.如果你要参加一个我要教的活动,并且有兴趣保留一份副本,提前一周给我发信息,我很乐意留一个给你。

一家出版公司在网上卖我的书,他们接受订单,print the books,ship them,and handle all other aspects of the transaction.所以不管我在哪里,这本书你会读懂的。请注意,因为它是按需打印的,您订购的书在寄出前需要几天时间,出版商才能打印出来。Hence,it may take a couple weeks to get your book.


而且,正如我之前提到的,I will be able to carry a few copies with me to events.See the previous question for more details.

这个“罗伯特·怀特”是怎么回事nonsense?You're "Bobby White."I can tell—we're friends on Facebook.
写作是我的另一种激情,我发表了一些与Swing无关的文章,并计划在未来出版更多的非摇摆舞作品。Since I prefer my author name to be "Robert White,"我出版的每一本书都有这样的内容是很好的。This way,when I sell my bestselling bodice-ripper/swashbuckling romance-and-cooking novel,那些读者也会去买Practice Swing.Ultimately,我的每个读者都会改进他们的摇摆舞。总体规划。

You all can call me Bobby.;)

Why,Swungover did.亚博全站它被正式列为这本书的出版社。(Kinda cool/strange to think that,只需购买图书的ISBN号,我创办了一家独立的出版社。)Blurb是一家印刷这本书的公司,通过它我格式化了这本书。

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  1. 5月6日,2016 5:05 pm

    祝贺你!喜欢“选择你自己的冒险”organizing concept.

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  3. 帕特丽夏·卡罗尔 永久性墨水
    5月6日,2016 6:38 pm

    FANTASTIC!祝贺你!Can't wait to get it!Best,Patty

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    5月6日,2016 8:58 pm


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  6. May 8,2016下午3点53分

    Got my email 5 min ago — just ordered your book.看起来它很容易成为摇摆林迪流派的必备标准。Given the size and scope — it's a great deal.Heck,I would have paid this for a nice printed compilation of Swungover articles!亚博全站— Best of luck.

  7. 彼得帕森斯 永久性墨水
    May 27,2016 11:07 am

    Hi Bobby,I live in the UK and follow Swungover.亚博全站我想买这本书,但到出版商付费部分的链接似乎只说明美国国内的订单。How do I get my hands on a copy in the UK please.

  8. 彼得帕森斯 永久性墨水
    June 6,2016 12:34 pm

    Blurb的交付速度惊人。博比很喜欢读你的书。It has answered quite a few questions that I was asking myself and given me some useful tools to work with.我将以一种全新的方式来看待课堂和讲习班。

  9. July 16,2016点12:33

    Is the book available somewhere physically,like in a store?

  10. 墨西哥玉米饼 永久性墨水
    October 28,2016下午11点36分

    Congratulations on getting your book published!我刚订了一份。It is scheduled to arrive in a couple weeks.I was having a hard time finding swing books that went beyond the dry mechanics of basic step patterns and a handful of moves.


  11. 罗苏迪斯 永久性墨水
    January 29,2017 3:20 pm

    Congrats Bobby.一项了不起的成就!有精装版的计划吗?

  12. July 27,下午2017点6分06分

    My girlfriend has the book now and it's marvelous,and I plan to grab one very soon,but do you have any plans to release an ebook version?


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